The Disconcerted Woman

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From rainy day blues, depression, being on the Mensies, to hearing of a loved-ones loss, there are many reasons to furrow one's brow and be "disconcerted". The war in the Ukraine has made many particularly grumpy. And all this despite the Age of Aquarius, the optimism of Dr. King, the utopian flareups of disaffected middle-aged millionaires, and attempts to re-ionize the stratosphere to plug the hole made by our excessive use of hair spray and the breathing of 8 billion people.

Many thoughts go through the mind when we see the near skeletal and withdrawn figure of a vulnerable and naked female figure. Pause for reflection of who we are, and what part we play, and who we serve.

This small piece is a labor of detail and patience. 8 3/8 x 12 3/8 Oil on Birch Wood Box Panel, still wet at the moment, and no current frame.

Created from the beautiful photographic work of Errikos Andreou


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Steven Curtis
Portrait, Realism
Painting - Unframed
Wood Panel, Oil, Canvas
8.40 inches wide
12.40 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
0.40 lbs
Randolph, WI, US