Samu – Enso in 5 Colors

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Based on the main work Enso behind the series “Samu”, which means work practice. Work is practice, life is practice, mindfulness in daily activity, the way of the #Bodhisattva. This piece is made with a single meditation and cut. Brand uses a light pencil line to guide, but otherwise, it is freehand.

 48" x 48"

Comes in: Lt. Blue / Purple, Khaki / Green, Leaf Green / Teal, Yellow / Leaf Green, Orange / Yellow, Plum / Gold

Items like the curling occur because of the weight of the canvas. This has been perfected over years of trial and error. 

Kurtis Brand offers this in multiple sizes in a limited quantity. For custom, please inquire.

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LeagueOTO Critic

November 04, 2021

Can't help be feel like I'm being drawn into this piece. The balance of symmetry, fragility and tension in the composition is really great.

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Kurtis Brand
Kurtis Brand Creator

November 04, 2021

🙏 happy you feel that way. Absolutely the purpose. I believe the work is meant as a reminder to your daily practice: draw in.

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Kurtis Brand
Mixed Media - Unframed
Fabric, Canvas
48.00 inches wide
48.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
10.00 lbs
Simsbury, CT, US

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