Nov 24, 2021

The colors are soft and feminine. Eucalyptus Trees are so interesting to me and I often pain them. This group of them has an otherworldly feel. I used mixed medium Acrylic and pastel with acrylic medium topcoat to keep it from smearing. The sides are painted blue and it is on gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang.

This is from a fly-fishing photograph I found. I spent 72 hours on this challenging piece but am very happy I stuck with it. I like the results and colors.

Fragile flowers like tissue paper with yellow centers. Growing at the side of the road they always catch my eye as I drive home. It is painted on gallery wrapped canvas with painted edges and ready to hang.

Nov 22, 2021

Inspired by Colorado trip to Aspen. Ski lifts and muted colors.

Inspired by the Chinese Lantern Festival. Also seemed appropriate timing for it reminds me of

the Souls rising. All those who passed during this Pandemic. Floating up to heaven, turning into stars.

Oct 04, 2021

Abstract of a Koi Pond in Oils. I love dragging the color so they blend and create more watery movement. I used rich jewel tones hope to convey the depth and warmth of a deep pond. This piece was created in 2017.

This started as a landscape from a misty day photograph of a lake. It took on a life of it's own.

I emphasized the intensity of the color and added more black so it would pop.

It is an Acrylic I created in 2016.

This is a fantasy mixed medium piece. I used paper and Acrylics on canvas. It is an abstract of flowers in a field.

I created this in 2020.


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