Kyungsoo Lee was born, raised, and educated in Seoul, Korea. She began painting as a small child, displaying a precocious talent for art and for painting in particular. She continues today, many years later as she has always done: painting. Since receiving her MFA at the Graduate School of Sungshin Women's University in 1983 and then moving with her family to California in 1984. She is the artist to be fully trained in a combination of oriental and western European aesthetics. She approaches her canvas with apparently little or no preconceived notion of what will occur. She has the disciplined ability to quiet the verbal, analytical part of her mind and allow that silent creative half of the brain to dominate. Her painting is a process of discovery, evolving from the repetition of gestures and the layering of color over color. Her perceptive color sense lends strength to the delicate line and soft tones of her imaginary natural abstractions and inner landscapes. Kyungsoo Lee was named " Artist of the Month" and given her first major solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea in 1989. Her painting are found in collections are around the world; collections of Museums, Corporations, and individuals. Her life has been a journey, and the only constant in her life is painting. She has achieved a facility to speak eloquently with the line, color, to speak poetry without words to those who are receptive. Painting is her true blue friend.

Dec 06, 2021

This painting is inspired by the natural flow and transition. Try to express the diversity of natural resources I add different mediums. It creates dimensions texture and layers. Recomposed inner landscape with multi mediums and try to deliver the essence of natural resources.

Dec 02, 2021

This original painting is on canvas with acrylic paint. Hummingbird symbolized joy and playfulness as well as adaptability. Hummingbirds awaken us to the beauty of the present moment. As a spirit animal, it may remind us to enjoy life's simple pleasures and the power of swiftness and flexibility. Inspired by this, you'll be inclined to accomplish what seems impossible to most while keeping it light and enjoyable. To me, hummingbird delivers simple beauty and optimism. I wish the viewer feel the same way that I think.

Nov 30, 2021

This original painting is on canvas with acrylic paint and uses gel medium to create a texture. I enjoyed free lines, forms and it leads me toward a new way of expression. I hope the viewers also find the joy and pleasant feeling in the painting.

Nov 24, 2021

This original painting is on canvas with oil paint. I always find inspiration from the natural world with my emotional connection to nature. To me, all nature is a great source of painting and it leads me to a place deeper than consciousness. Beautiful Spring has come yet the whole world is fighting with fight COVID19 nowadays. We all deserve the beauty and peace of nature. As a painter, I wish the painting delivers to you to bring peace, tranquil healings, and a positive message during a difficult time. 2020 march

Nov 23, 2021

This original painting is on canvas with acrylic paint and mixed media. The theme is in natural sources and tries to express a diversity of inner feelings. Adding mixed media to the painting enhances the depth and variety of surfaces. I enjoyed the path of expression. The painting is ready to hang with a frame.

Nov 19, 2021

One morning I met very thick fog with a drizzle scene as I walked. I couldn't see well in front yet I felt the peace and calm around me. It was the beauty of the misty morning. I wish the painting delivers tranquility and a peaceful mind to the viewers. This original painting is on canvas with oil paint.

Every morning I encounter the new spirit of nature. As I walk my garden I feel and smell the fresh air. It always inspires me to paint and that became part of my routine. One morning in May I met very thick fog and drizzle. It was an unexpected gift from the mother of nature and I was overwhelmed by the mystery in nature. My heart was thrilled to bits and I painted it very quickly before my emotional feeling is gone. This original painting is on canvas with oil paint and ready to hang.

Nov 17, 2021

This original painting is on cardboard(9x12 inches) with acrylic paint, ink, and pastels. I was inspired by the pampas grass and looked at them to see the movement. Through the rhythm of movement with the air, it leads me to express the moment. The total size of the painting is 17(h)x14(w)inches with a frame and ready to hang for you.

This original painting is on canvas with acrylic paint. I am always inspired by natural images and I am very sensitive to seasons. Every season the mother of nature brings us an amazing gift and I used to paint my emotion with the inspiration from it. The painting I try to express deep in the fall season. I love to create, and to me, the ultimate freedom of expression with colors and lines is the soul of my painting. This painting is signed and ready to hang.

Nov 12, 2021

This original painting is on canvas with acrylic paint. I was inspired by the color-changing in woods and tried to present a quiet and peaceful path/forest yet passionate inner mind. The painting is signed and ready to hang.


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