Hi! It's great to meet you! I'm excited that you're looking at my art. I hope you love it. Remember as you look at my work, it's all in resin. That means it is shiny and reflective.

Do surf through. If you have any comments, questions, critiques or just any darned thing, do contact me. I love to talk art!


Dec 01, 2021

I created this piece shortly after returning from Tanzania. Tanzania was glorious, wonderful and everything we could have hoped for. "Dreaming" incorporates the soft yellow of the savannah as well as the Kilimanjaro-like mountains.

If you haven't been to Tanzania, do go. It's a bucket list trip for sure

Nov 30, 2021

I'm working on an oceany series. Loving the blue/green with waves look. Do you?

Nov 29, 2021

Acrylic and resin.

I had ordered 4 30"x30" panels.  I knew I wanted to create a series but of what?  What colors?  What design?  I was daunted by the blank panels.  Finally, I decided I had waffled quite enough.  I had worked on other things, procrastinating until the Muse arrived.  But as we all well know, the Muse never arrives unless you are creating.  So it was time to get on it.

I began work on a small piece, 11"x14" as a study.  I've loved the blue in this piece, Wedgwood Blue, ever since I first saw it.  But I knew I didn't want to go all blue for so very many of my pieces are blue.  I thought I'd see how rice paper gessoed and painted worked with resin.  I bought some deep dark brown, pulled out Flesh Ochre and Walnut Ink, and started in.  "Light Over Dark" (in prints) was the result.  I loved it.  I love how the resin moved and flowed, stopping only when the rice paper stuck up off of the surface a bit. 

Now that I had the colors and the concept to go with it, it was time to get on it.  So I created Aerial View.  

Aerial View looks like topography to me.  The view is from above. The brown river, rather like the Mississippi before levies contained it, spreads and widens in spots, narrowing in others.  Fingers of color spread and roam through the piece.  Best of all is the dimensional aspect; that is, the rice paper which creates hard-edged lines and sticks up in places, adding to the interest and, dare I say, Intrigue of the piece.  

Nov 24, 2021

The Hall of the Mountain King by Eric Burden and War had a song called The Hall of the Moutain King. The mountains in this piece somehow brought that song to mind.  The icy coolness of the overlaying resin. The underlying blue of ice, obscured, distorted, modified

As they said in the song:

I was taken to a place:

the hall of the mountain king.

Nov 17, 2021

I was experimenting with moving the white across the other colors. This was the result, which I love. Now to do it over again only on a BIG piece. Wish me luck!!

Resin and Acrylic.

This one is, well, wild with blueness.  The blue moves and spreads, juxtaposed against the calming light yellow and white.  Softness, fullness, and gentleness are created by the melding of colors.  Gently our hearts relax into the wild beauty of this piece.

Nov 15, 2021

Acrylic paint, resin and liquid gold.

Winds drift gently across the surface.  The black of half-hidden mountains and hills is submerged beneath the red of an unfamiliar landscape. The gold of the mountains nearest the viewer seems to shine; indeed, it does shine.  Is there gold in them thar hills?  I think that must be so.  The red brings to mind the Red Planet - Mars - in all its glory.  The fantasy recedes.   One's mind turns to more prosaic matters; back to drifting winds.  

Nov 11, 2021

Rollin' in the Deep - from the Adele song of the same name.  I love the depth of the navy blue.  When you add that to the lighter blue flowing across the piece, you get ... wait for it ... beauty. 

In truth, this was a bit of an experiment in blowing resin around with a hair dryer. Came out rathe well, didn't it?

This was an experiment with resin, my chosen medium. I wanted to make it blur and move. And it did! Lovin' the yellow, white, black color scheme. Do you?

Nov 05, 2021

This piece made me think of the force of nature; the elements acting upon us puny humans. The beige-y middle color could be a wave heading your way. If you take a close look, you can see the movement within the Wedgwood blue color.

Created by mixing acrylic paint into resin and creating with the resulting colored resin.


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