Have a place to come back to.

A doce recepção de um povo para com os artista transmissores da alegria.

"Dragon" is a variation on the "Dionysus" format, which I used to start several compositions. Its bold colors and geometric arrangement share a similar starting point for many of my works.

This piece is all about lightness & air. The minimal panels of color made me think of the sub-atomic "building blocks" of Creation. It also has the feeling & look of architectural plans - 2-dimensional formative elements for a 3-dimensional site.

" Blue #1 " a contempoary abstract painting by joseph piccillo is a 24 x 24 inch color field palette knife acrylic on museum stretched canvas. Blue is a cool color but i find it can stir but calm and excitement. It is my grandson's favorite color so I did blue for him.

Walking a coastal pathway in Big Sur California. Sunlight, earth, sand, flowering growth and sea become the painted flourishes over the entirety of the canvas surface.

Reminiscent of the artist's EQUATIONS series, 2012-2016, the central field is surrounded by alternating colored & collaged squares that resonate in associative relationships like scenes in an episodic story. Though much smaller, "BUMBLEBEE" is a companion piece to the giant, "NIGHT IN THE STUDIO", both 2020.

On her twenty-first birthday in April 1964, Sedgwick received an $80,000 trust fund from her maternal grandmother. Soon after, she relocated to New York City to pursue a career in modeling. In March 1965, she met artist Andy Warhol at a party and began frequently visiting The Factory. At the Factory, Sedgwick reinvented herself, becoming a performance artist and Warhol's film muse. Together, Edie and Andy created 18 films.

Beautiful, rich, and deeply damaged, Edie Sedgwick was the avatar of Andy Warhol’s desires. In 1965, as Pop art’s prince moved from painting into film, he made Sedgwick his superstar—his Marilyn.

I've always been greatly influenced and inspired by Warhol. "Andy Warhol" is the first in a series of six portraits of Warhol's Factory Superstars. I begin by making several drawings of each subject based on various historical references. These drawings are torn and cut apart into pieces so that I can "audition" them until they make a portrait of the subject.

Hills lives up to its name, with lush green hills against a darkening sky. This painting was created with spots of color blended together using a pointillist technique overlaying a textured canvas.

20” x 20” x 1.5” original painting on stretched canvas with the image continuing around the sides so that no frame is required. It comes with picture wire, ready to hang.

" White #4 " a painting by joseph piccillo is a contemporary abstract work 30 x 30 inches on museum stretched canvas. This color field white painting explores the many variations found in the reflections on white surfaces. Especially found when we look at ice or snow.

# fine art paintings by joseph piccillo

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