About Altamira

The cave walls of Altamira Spain served as one of the first canvases for human expression. Later as a sense of wonder for the archaeologists who discovered them. Altamira.art provides the means for the display and discovery of art for the modern age.

Altamira helps artists build their brand and sell their work without getting gouged. It allows art fans, lovers, collectors, critics, and novices to discover the top art of today each day. Mostly, it brings artists, fans, and critics together.

Empower People to Make a Living from the "human" Enterprises

Artists pay galleries a 30-50% commission on every piece the gallery sells. That is too much. How can you make a living under that constraint? Using the technologies that are taking jobs in other industries, we’ll empower people to make a living in a remarkably human enterprise. Our commission is remarkably less. Just 10%. As an artist, you can build a following, a brand, and brand value. Artists can and should control their own destiny.

Educate, Enrich and Provide Confidence

The art-buying market traditionally privileges the very privileged. The ability to appreciate beautiful things shouldn’t be limited to those with the right connections. Gallerists are the gatekeepers for classifying what "great art" is. Wouldn’t it make more sense if those selling the art weren’t the ones deciding whose art is good or great? You, (artists, critics, and fans) should be the ones determining what great art is. Community-sourced insight is the best way to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take part. Not a salesperson.

Enhance the Quality of the Human Experience.

Art inspires us, incites questions, and provokes curiosity, excitement, outrage, and love. When you look at a great piece of art, dopamine, and blood flow to the brain simulating falling in love. Pure magic. Art holds beauty but it also decreases depression and anxiety. It makes us happier. Art’s power shapes political dialogue but also the conversation at your dinner party. It inspires action and records history.

It provokes our humanity. Altamira wants to provoke more humanity.

For the Community by the Community

We are building this with you. To make a meaningful impact we have to bring everyone along for the ride. We’ll ask for feedback, listen, and respond to it. We are issuing stock in the company to a handful of artists (founding artists) and art critics (founding critics). We ask these founding community members to represent all of the Altamira community and to weigh in on key product and business decisions.

Not eCommerce (Social Commerce)

Buying a piece of art takes consideration. Follow, vote, critique, question, converse, respond, evaluate, learn, trust, buy, sell, collect, resell. Even if you aren’t buying today, take part. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day.

All the art you love. And the art you will. All in one place.

Innovation instead of stagnation.

The old guard has been left to steward the industry for too long. Stifling innovation and deploying defensive tactics to keep the outsiders out rather than expanding the world of art. We promise to deploy our artistic creativity in everything we do to change it.


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